The World In One Country

Aotearoa, The Land of the Long White Cloud lies in the blue of the Pacific, midway between the Equator and the South Pole.
More than a pastoral country of rolling farmland with flocks of sheep and dairy cattle, New Zealand packs a whole variety of climates and landscapes into its 269,000 square kilometres.

The North Island is sub-tropical, with slow tidal estuaries half consolidated by mangrove swamps, stands of native trees including the aristocratic Kauri – flourishing orange and kiwifruit orchards and sweeping beaches.

The South Island boasts some of the most spectacular scenery – the Alps; stretching for 650 unbroken kilometers, topped by the constantly changing beauty of Mount Cook, the ‘Cloud Piercer’ of the Maori; Tasman Glacier, one of the largest outside the Polar regions; and the forests, fiords, lakes and waterfalls of the far south, still partly unexplored.

New Zealand was an excellent country for the filming of the ‘Lord of the Rings’ trilogy. The Queenstown area and Wellington area were where the majority of the filming took place, but there were a lot of scenes shot throughout New Zealand and if you have seen any of the movies, you will note what amazing scenery New Zealand has.