Hanging Chandeliers

Which Hanging Candle Chandeliers?

Modern hanging candle chandeliers have gone from tin, wood, brass to wrought iron chandeliers. Now you can find hanging candle chandeliers in various styles such as crystal, antler, beaded, votive, and glass candle chandeliers.

As we’ve mentioned, one may want to review their room’s theme and see if it has a country feel, a hunter’s feel, an elegant feel, or a contemporary feel. Considering your room’s theme will help you to determine which type of lighting fixture is appropriate.

For example, say you have a country theme for your home and you’re looking for a suitable rustic or country looking chandelier. You may find yourself torn between an antler, a wooden candle wagon wheel, and a tin or wrought iron hanging candle chandelier.

My jaw nearly hit the floor when I saw a candle antler chandelier. It had such an earthy feel and I was caught up in the massiveness of the deer’s antlers. For animal lovers, you can purchase a faux antler candle chandelier. If you have a wood cabin or wood beams, a modern antler chandelier may be a great choice.

Antler chandeliers are a great pick for country theme ski resorts. See if you can capture the visual, a wood interior large room, wood beams, large fireplace, country decor, and a earthy antler candle chandelier. Mule deer, moose, and elk are antler chandelier picks.

A room can have a very distinct theme and deciding on modern chandeliers with an electric candle or traditional wax candle is another factor to consider. The electric chandelier can have a lamp shade or it can be without. There are many fixtures that have small lamp shades.

The more traditional hanging chandeliers can have 2, 3, 4, 5, 8, 12, up to 24 arms or more. Keep in mind, there are times when you can purchase a modern chandelier that’s made of more than one composite. There are even inverted chandeliers to choose from online.

Confusing an inverted chandelier is impossible. Just look for the hanging chandelier that arms curve toward the floor. You may also find yourself torn between a candle pendant chandelier. These are very unique and attractive.

A candle pendant chandelier may have a glass cover that’s over the electric candle or wax candle on the chandelier. Other chandeliers may also have a glass cups where the candles sit inside them. These are called votive chandeliers. Votive candle chandeliers are classy and add a touch of elegance to any room.

What really hits home for me are the simple solid brass chandeliers. Another popular fixture are the crystal and brass chandeliers.

These beauties have a crisp romantic appearance and can in one or more tiers and various widths. The main objective is to bring balance and harmony to the room and decor. The last thing you would want to do is to allow a lighting fixture to over power your room. Remember…..

These fixtures may not be a primary lighting source, however, they sure can bring life and a personality to a room.