Dining Room Chandeliers

Dashing Dining Room Chandeliers

Dinette Kitchen Ideas – Island Pendant Chandeliers

Every room in the house has it’s own signature. Don your dining room with dashing dining room chandeliers. We have put together a few kitchen ideas and compiled a few island pendant chandeliers for your cozy kitchen area. A dinette chandelier can be flashy, conservative, elegant, or modern.

First decide on your kitchen or dining room’s theme. Would you say your kitchen is a cozy rustic style, an elegant French style, a modern contemporary style or do you have a combination of themes? Lets face it, your chandelier will be your eye candy for your room. You want something stylish and something that compliments your theme.

For years I’ve marveled over our small dining room brass chandelier in my mother’s previous home and also in my current home I reside in Long Beach, California. I’ve also seen many other homes with a similar dinette chandelier. Well now, we can explore past the standard brass chandelier. We won’t ignore them totally because they’re an all time favorite.

Lismore Three-Light Crystal Chandelier

Do you like crystals? Capiz styles? A rustic country style? Do you like lamp shades? You’re bound to find the right dinette chandelier by getting your kitchen and dining room’s feel. Lets talk about a few styles we commonly see in a dining room and or kitchen. We’ll also capture how to decorate an island in your kitchen with multiple island pendant chandeliers.

One factor will be deciding the right size chandelier. You want your dining room chandelier to not overpower your eating area. How large is your table and how low can your future chandelier go? Other factors to ask are, do you want task lighting or ambient lighting? How bright do you want your lighting? Don’t worry, you’ll figure it out. You’re bound to find a dinette chandelier just for you!

If you’re looking for a new theme for your dining room and kitchen, don’t forget about the animal and tropical style dining room chandeliers. You could explore with elephants, roosters, pineapples, flowers, palm leaves, horses, and antler styles.

The common types of country style chandeliers for a kitchen are wrought iron chandeliers. Other types of dining and kitchen chandeliers that are popular are crystal, brass, wood, chrome, animal style, iron chandeliers, and the infamous wagon wheel style chandelier.

Voltaire Clear Majestic Wood Polished Crystal Twelve-Light Chandelier

Wagon wheel styles make a great dining room chandelier for rustic themes. Candle wrought iron and metal chandeliers with bowls, orbs, and crystals are stylish. One trend I’m starting to see are multiple island pendant chandeliers. It’s finding one style chandelier and lining two or three pendants in a row over an island in the same style. It looks very uniform and has a majestic look if done properly. I’ve even seen multiple identical chandeliers over a large dining room table.

This is just food for thought if you’re brainstorming ways to redecorate or decorate your kitchen or dining room.

In many cases, you can buy island pendant chandeliers that have multiple pendants attached. The option is yours to pick from and either style can be very attractive.

You may decide to go for a dining room chandelier that’s made of glass. Glass tulip chandeliers are also very nice over a dining room table. Blown glass chandeliers are very beautiful and may be another option. Ceiling fan chandeliers are also very nice for the dining room or kitchen.

Not everyone are partial to a candle dinette chandelier as I am. There are many jar and globe styles that would make any dining room look appealing. We’ll show a few dining room chandeliers and kitchen ideas on this page. We’ll also show a few island pendant chandeliers where you could consider having multiple fixtures.

One good source to get ideas would be a kitchen decorating magazine. This way you can see the kitchen and dining room as a whole. We’ll be sure to have many variations of dining room chandeliers, kitchen ideas, and island pendant chandeliers. There’s a large assortment of dinette chandeliers that will be perfect for your home.