Antler Chandeliers

Antler Chandeliers – Ski Resort, Cabin, and Home Chandeliers

When I see antler chandeliers, I think of a ski resort, cabin, or nice earthy style home. The benefit of these lighting fixtures are their rugged elegant appearance. They can be combined with crystal, wrought iron, and other materials. Often they come with small lamp shades which are normally made of raw hide. Elk fixtures are very popular.

Many animal lovers wonder how someone could take the life of an elk, moose, or deer? The truth of the matter is normally antlers you see in a ski resort, cabin, or home are a reproduction of an antler. In other words, they are either made of a man made composite or made from the horns that were shed by the animal.

You may see the term “faux” or “reproduction” which is an indicator that the horns are man made. This doesn’t take away from the appearance. Actually you can’t tell if they are real or fabricated.

If the cabin, ski resort, or lodge is large, you may see a multi-tiered fixture. They also can be small or may be on a grand scale. As mentioned on previous pages, the art is making sure the room’s decor is balanced. It’s very easy to have a lighting device overpower a room’s decor.

Now keep in mind, the horns can be real. It’s all based on preference. Either way, while ordering an antler chandelier online, you can tell how many horns are on the chandelier by a number that is after the horn type.

If you see Mule Deer Six or Mule Deer 6, this means that there are six antlers. The bulbs will be 25 watt and you can decide between a candelabra bulb or a 25 watt flicker flame bulb which has a simulated flicker flame effect.

Grand scale antler chandeliers that you may see at a ski resort, large cabin, or home may be multi-tiered with 30 or more lights. Then on a smaller scale you may run across a pendant lighting fixture.

My first personal observation, I thought these were haunting. Later as I researched this rustic style, I noticed they have their own beauty. One thing is for sure, antler chandeliers make great ski resort chandeliers, cabin chandeliers, and home chandeliers.

One thing to consider is how much light you’d like for the lighting fixture to radiate. There may be an option to have a down light in the center of the fixture. These are normally a 60 watt light. This will give more of illuminated look. The down light can be in the center of the chandelier pointing up or down. A vendor my allow for you to special order either down light variation.

These could also go under the rustic or country categories. Whether you’re shopping for a cozy cabin with a fireplace, an earthy ski resort, or a country home, you’ll find these horn fixtures very appealing.